Birth Day of a King


Christmas Day is here the day we celebrate the birthday of Christ the King.

We went to bed with lots of presents surrounding the tree.

As I sit here writing this the floor is bare under the tree.  The last present being picked up by Harrison after nine tonight.  He had been here earlier but then had a dinner to go to with his girl friends family.  So all is quiet everyone had gone off to bed.

Earlier the house was noisy in a good way.  Lots of laughter and conversation that made me happy, in fact I was pretty happy all day long. That every one was here and enjoying each others company.  Actually this morning while we were exchanging gifts my eyes got to leaking.  I was so happy that we could provide a place for everyone to be together for Christmas.  Elizabeth and Alexus have the family they have always dreamed of and we have two more granddaughters and two more grandsons to love.  It was a great day.  The girls all playing Uno.

Elizabeth prepared a wonderful meal.  We had the traditional ham but we also sliced a tenderloin into steaks and Dana and I did them on the grill out on the deck.  I just wish it had been warmer.  Robby’s family was all here and we ate dinner late so that Ashley could be here after she got off work at the hospital.  Then we just were able to sit around and enjoy each other.  The newly weds.

Most everyone retired early.  Dana and I did talk until after 11 but finally headed to bed.


Another big day planned.  The girls headed out shopping.  Alyssa had some gift cards for clothes and was anxious to check out some of the stores here.  The other girls went along for moral support.  Elizabeth, Dana and I headed to the Verizon store to check out iPhone 8’s and the X.  It was a pretty easy decision as they were all out of 8s and only had 3 X’s left.  So we were happy to take them off their hands.

We accomplished a lot at the Verizon store.  We upgraded our phones, combined our two accounts, turned in the old phones for credit, and transferred two of the phones to Bonnie who had an iPhone 5 and to Kaylee who had an iPhone 4.  Up until today I have not had a good experience at a Verizon store but today was exceptional with Erin our Solutions Specialist.  She was amazing and we worked with her for a couple hours and she did her best to save us some money.  Of course you have to spend money to save money.  But over all we are Happy.

Back at home we had left overs and Elizabeth made Mac and cheese so everyone was full again.  Then Dana and Elizabeth went over to spend some time with Robby’s family as they are leaving in the morning for Virginia to see here sister’s family for a few days.  Alyssa went to bed early, Alexus tried out the whirlpool tub, Bonnie read, and Kaylee and I played Crazy Eights.  So another good day here on Mother Earth.


Another cold morning, the family came South for the warmer weather but sadly its been pretty cold everyday.  At least the sun was out a good amount today.  Robby and family headed for DC mid morning and should be getting close, maybe two more hours.  Its pretty cold for doing stuff outside but Kaylee and I took Bailey to two different dog parks today.  I think they both had a good time at the second one.

Bailey has been napping off and on all evening so I think we tired her out some.  I know it tired me out and my hips are barking at me.

Elizabeth decided to make shrimp fettuccine for supper.  Alexus and I made a run to Walmart for the noodles and cheese.

Then we had FaceTime with Alexus’s boyfriend and now its movie time.  Dana is battling something like a cold so has been trying to rest today and get over it.  Its 24 now and to get down to 22 overnight, way too cold for me.

Thats it so far this week.  Thanks For Checking In.







  1. Many wonderful memories made in your new home. Have a very happy new year!

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