The Fun Continues


Still very cold 18 this morning.  Of course up in NY it was below zero.  Elizabeth took the girls to the botanical gardens today and I think they had a really good time.  They stayed quite a while and took lots of pictures.  I got this one in my SnapChat.

They said it was really nice there and had quite a selection of things to see.  Their next stop was Krispy Creme Donuts and I think they brought three dozen home with them.

Bonnie, Dana and I stayed home.  I went over to put Robby’s trash tote away and to see if I could get his Ecobee thermostat back on line, I was successful.  Dana was a bit under the weather but felt better as the day went on.  We also got to watch Bailey who was kind enough to pose for a couple of pictures here is one of them.

Dana heated up some soup for lunch and I made us some toasted cheese sandwiches.  He was feeling better so we took the Ridgeline out for a spin.  I think he liked the way it drove.  We went out past the old campground we stayed in, then some higher speed driving on the interstate, and finally a little of bit of traffic on the way back home.  The girls were all home when we got there so we heard about their day.

An friend of ours contacted us last week that he would be in town.  We haven’t seen each other for about twenty years.  We used to work together in Little Rock and soon he will be ready to retire.  Elizabeth made tacos for supper and we had a great time catching up.  The evening was over before we knew it and he headed to the motel as he has to work in the morning.  The house is quiet now just Bonnie and I are up and we will call it a night before two long.  Another great day in the books.

I should mention that we all are enjoying our new iPhone Xs.  They have been flawless and seem much quicker that our old iPhone 6+s.  I like the smaller size but still the same size screen.


Still cold but nice and sunny here today.  Most everyone went with Bonnie to a place called Dirt Cheap today to shop.  Kaylee and Bailey stayed with me.  I needed to pick up a permit downtown and we headed to pick it up.  After that we stopped a Lowes to pick up a vacuum that was still on sale so we don’t have to carry one up and down the stairs.  Also a Bona mop for the ceramic tile in the house.

Then we had lunch at Sonic before heading home to let Bailey out.  Just as we got there we got a call from Elizabeth to meet them at the movies.  We saw Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  Everyone enjoyed it except Bonnie who had opted to do a little more shopping at Hobby Lobby.

Bonnie made baked potatoes for supper with lots of toppings.  Dana and Elizabeth were looking for a carrier to get all their stuff back home.  One of our neighbors had a carrier but it would not fit the car with modifications.  So they decided to rent a small haul trailer.

We all got back home and relaxed the rest of the evening.


Today brought a little sadness.  We have had a wonderful week, I loved the house being full of family, games played and laughter.  The girls pretty much took care of themselves and retired early most evenings giving me some Bob time.  Before Robby’s family went back East they were here also, it was good to have both our children and their children here.

So the trailer did not work out because of not being able to find the right wiring harness to hook up the lights.  So the girls had to repack their clothes in some of our totes and then they were loaded on the carrier that they brought with them.

Then they had to reload them into the water proof bag.

After the final packing and lots of hugs and goodbyes and a prayer for safety away they went.

While we were packing up I tripped and fell in the garage while looking for some straps.  I landed on my knee, boy is it sore.  I am a bit worried what it will feel like tomorrow.  Bonnie and I relaxed and I keep an eye on the computer to see how our family was doing on their trip home.  I decided that I better head over to our Walmart Neighborhood Market and pickup some Bread and Milk, that way if my knee is too sore I won’t have to go out tomorrow.

So the family is safely in their hotel for the night and I am heading off to bed also.


Super cold this morning I believe the heat pumps ran most of the night.  With the help of the sun and the gas fireplace we warmed up to our normal 68 and the heat pumps cycled normally.  Our family left Grove City Ohio early and headed on the last leg of their trip home.  As they went north they got into more and more snow.  We even have a few pictures.  Ready to leave the hotel.

Nice out now but a rough night for those that ran off the road.


Tow trucks are really busy on the other side of the interstate.

And a few on this side also

Time to refuel the kids and drivers at Hardees

Then a little lake effect snow

Last stop in Erie, PA then straight home.

They made it home and got busy unloading and did not send any pictures.  I think they are all a bit exhausted, but they are safely home.

2017 is just about over and 2018 about to take off.  We have had another great year and feel truly Blessed.

Happy New Year have a Very Blessed Year.

Thats a wrap on this week and this year.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. So happy to see you’re really enjoying your new home. How great your family could be with you for the holidays. We arrived in Michigan a week ago last Friday and will leave sometime late this afternoon. We’ve had a great time with all of our kids and grandkids also. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them. Hope you and Bonnie have a great New Year.

    1. Thank You we had a great time. Enjoy your travels this year and stay warm.

  2. Happy New Years to you and your family. Always great to read your blog Bob

    1. Happy New Years Don have a wonderful year and enjoy your travels. Hope we can get together some time.

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