January 2018

Come on Spring

MONDAY Bonnie was up early this morning and headed over to the kids house to watch Reagan who was home sick.  Robby and Ashley both had 12 hour days today. […]

A little bit of Tech Work

THURSDAY I have been wanting to move all the modems and WiFi equipment in the den over to the other corner in the room.  So I did a little Googling […]


MONDAY Today went by quickly and I really did not do much.  I did a minor repair on the file cabinet and that was about it.  I looked up a […]

Promised Warmth

THURSDAY The morning started out at 7º much lower than forecast.  We did reach 35º today and tomorrow is to be warmer.  The only thing of note today was our […]

Oh No More Snow

MONDAY So they have been talking snow here again for tomorrow.  They started yesterday.  By 5pm today the school cancellations started and the businesses and activities quickly followed.  This time […]

The Cold returns

THURSDAY The phone rang just before I would have normally gotten up.  It was my DIL asking if I would be able to pick up Grace from school as she […]

National Championship

MONDAY Dark overcast day all day today.  Plus a steady cold rain all day.  Better than East of here which had ice and impassable roads since they do not have […]

Its Still Winter

THURSDAY At least we don’t have the snow here that we had in Buffalo nor are we getting the snow that the Atlantic coast got today.  But it sure is […]

MONDAY We both made it to midnight last night and also watched the ball drop an hour earlier in NYC.  Another cold night here down to about 13.  I am […]