Happy New Year


We both made it to midnight last night and also watched the ball drop an hour earlier in NYC.  Another cold night here down to about 13.  I am still tweaking the Ecobee settings and last night it cut the heat pump off at 15 degrees at about midnight.  The aux heat could not keep up or maybe its not working.  It was 53 at 8 this morning when I got up.  I changed some settings and it slowly warmed up in here.  It only got up to 23 outside today thats unusual for here.

My son even asked me to go over to their house and check the water to make sure it had not froze.  It was fine.  His brother-in-law has a rental house here and the water there did freeze.  Forecast is for a cold below average week so hopefully this is the coldest week of the year and it will be warmer after this.

We have done a few things around here.  I assembled the Dyson we bought so we don’t have to carry one up and down the steps.  I also put another Bona mop together to use on the tile floors since it uses a different solution than the wood floors.  I also cut up so more cardboard and took the recycle bin out to the curb.

We did watch the Rose Bowl parade and several of the bowl games and are planning to watch Alabama play tonight.

Great Game Alabama will be playing for the Nation Championship next Monday Roll Tide!


Coldest night so far 5º but the house was still at 60 this morning so that was much better.  After breakfast I got on the phone with Quest and Blue Cross trying to straighten out the billing for our last lab work.  I am pretty sure it is still not right.

Then I headed to Lowe’s to pickup some tie down straps for the truck.  Then on to Athens to look at a Lateral file for in the den so we can get organized again.  It turned out to be a good heavy duty cabinet and the price was right.  But its still in the back of the truck.  Two guys loaded it and I think I will have to wait for Robby to get back because they talked about how heavy it was.  So Bonnie and I looked at it and decided to wait for help.

Bonnie washed more bedding today and made the beds upstairs and I helped her make our bed.  Then I grilled chicken out back and we had that with a salad for supper.  Looks like the recycle bin will not get emptied today, maybe tomorrow. The trash is a day later this week so that will go out tomorrow.

Thats about it for today.


Wow here it is Wednesday already.  Low of 17 again this morning but again it was sunny and got up to 36.  We did not do much today.  My son was driving back from DC and GD Kaylee was on a short road trip to see her Grandmother.  So I checked it on them a time or two.  Robby called around 4 and asked if I wanted to ride with him to turn in their rental down in Decatur.  I said sure.

We were going to eat before he got home so Bonnie put some tater tots in the oven and I fired up the grill again and grilled some cheddar-wurst.  Everything turned out and we had a very good supper.

Bonnie had collected the trash from around the house earlier and I took out the kitchen trash.  Tomorrow is trash pick up so I rolled the tote out to the street, checked the mail, and brought the recycle bin in.  Robby called as I finished that and said he was on his way over to pick me up.

Took us about 45 minutes to get to Decatur and we got there at 6:08, Enterprise closed at 6 and they were gone.  But there was a key drop, so thats what we used.  An uneventful trip back home, we chatted about what each of us has been up to and thats about it.  Hopefully he and Harrison will come over in the morning and help me get the file cabinet into the house.

Thats about it for now, Thanks For Checking In!