Its Still Winter


At least we don’t have the snow here that we had in Buffalo nor are we getting the snow that the Atlantic coast got today.  But it sure is cold.  Hopefully tonight and tomorrow night will be the last of our lows being in the teens overnight.  No word from the Electrician till tonight, he still has not found the part for the ceiling fan.  The mail man brought just one piece of mail today but it was the refund check from when we canceled the policy on the coach back in November.  The first check got lost in the mail and this is the one they reissued.  Tomorrow I will work on the bill for our lab work again.

I needed my sons help to get the lateral file cabinet off of my truck.  He came over early this afternoon and we moved it into the house. Bonnie dusted it and hit it with some furniture polish, it looks pretty good for a used file cabinet.

After that Bonnie vacuumed upstairs and clean the bathroom up there.  I cleaned the filters out in the Dyson and set them out to dry.  Robby and the girls came right after I finished that and Bonnie made toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for supper.  Thats about it for today, I am going to hit the rain locker and then read till I fall asleep, an early night for me.


I have been under the weather all day, no update tonight.


When I got up this morning I felt a lot better but no where near 100% maybe 45%.  Did not do much all day so there is not much to write about today.  I watched a lot of recorded TV and watched Duke lose to NC State.  Going to head to bed early again tonight.  Hope to feel better tomorrow.  It is my son-in-laws birthday and I was excited to here that they were in Batavia picking up a desk Elizabeth got him for his birthday and better yet they were having lunch at the Miss Batavia.  Its one of our favorite places.  This is the back entrance.

Dana even had the Gravy covered turkey sandwich and mashed potatoes, another of my favorites.

Report was that they enjoyed their meals.  I have watched two Duke basketball games this year, the two games that they lost.  Whats up with that?


Just a slight headache most of the day for me today.  I would say I am 80% today so hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal.  Since I was still not feeling good Bonnie slept in and we did not make it to church.  I did finally find the Crossroads broadcast and was able to watch that service.  It was about the Salt Covenant my favorite service of the year while we attended Crossroads.  Its a Covenant of friendship.  You can watch it on youtube.

After Bonnie got up we had lunch and then watched some TV.  I watch some of the Buffalo Bills game and was sorry to see them lose.  At least they finally made it to the playoffs after 17 years.  The weather is a little better but we are to get some rain tonight and it may be cold enough to freeze for the morning commute.

I started watching a Anne with an E on Netflix based on Anne of Green Gables I think it will be good.  GD Kaylee headed back to start school again tomorrow and has arrived safely.  GD Alexus is off until the 16th.  All the others went back earlier to their local schools.

Well thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!