National Championship


Dark overcast day all day today.  Plus a steady cold rain all day.  Better than East of here which had ice and impassable roads since they do not have salt to spread on the roads.  Our high today was 44 but no help from the sun which hid behind the clouds all day.  I felt good all day today and would say I am 99% better.

Today is the Big College game for the National Championship, Alabama and Georgia.  Robby was planning to come over for left over spaghetti and then watch the game at home once Ashley got home from work plus the girls have school tomorrow.  But that all changed when his Cable box quiet working and he had no TV.  So they came over to eat and stayed for the game.  Ashley came after work and stayed until halftime.  Robby went home to meet the AT&T tech who showed up at 8:00.  Alabama is not having a good first half.  Way to go Nick Saban changed up the QB.  Had to go to overtime but we won.



Overcast again this morning so I slept in until 7, but it was a great nights sleep after the big win last night.  Just a little rain today and it was in the 50’s.  After breakfast I decided to start getting my information together for tax season.  I actually did an online chat with ALLY to get the amount of interest we paid on the motorhome last year and thats as far as I got.  Then I put some files into the new file cabinet.

Then I decided to install the garage door controller I got for Christmas.  I read the directions several time but I could not get the hub to recognize the unit.  I checked google and tried a factory reset.  After doing that twice it finally worked.  Then I moved out to the garage and mounted the door sensor and then the controller.  Robby stopped in just as I was about to finish and he hooked up the last two wires for me.  And it worked after moving one wire.  So now I have an app on my phone that tells me if the door is open or closed and it closes the door at sunset if I should forget.

Later they all came back over for some BBQ pork and green beans that Bonnie had made for dinner.  The girls played some up stairs and then went home early to do home work and projects.  We had a nice FT call from our GD and then watched a little TV, now I ready to hit the sack.


Not much on the agenda today just a trip to the water authority.  I needed to take in a form so we can pay our water bills on line.  That was quick and easy.  It stayed overcast and damp all day.  I had parked the truck outside and thats when I noticed some drops of blue anti-freeze on the garage floor.

Houston we have a problem.  So I called the Honda Dealer and they told me to bring it down Friday morning.  They figure its safe to drive it down there.  Then I spent some time in the Den and scanned and filed some documents.  Then I called company that has the loan for the Ridgeline.  The payment is due in 4 days and I have not heard from them.  Turns out they mailed the information over a month ago and we never received it.  They verified the address and It looks like they have the correct one.  So I have the info I need and will be able to make the payment on time.

It was almost time to head to church when my stomach started gurgling and make lots of noises, so we decided I should stay home.  I took some medicine and Bonnie headed to church for supper and a class on the book of Revelation.  My stomach settled down and I had a sandwich.  Bonnie made it home and said the class was good and they had spaghetti.

Thats it for now, Thanks For Checking In!