The Cold returns


The phone rang just before I would have normally gotten up.  It was my DIL asking if I would be able to pick up Grace from school as she was not feeling well.  I stumbled out of bed and got dressed and headed over to school to pick her up.  After dropping her off at home I headed home thinking I might get a nap but that never happened.  The rest of the day is pretty much a fog.  Except the TV and weather reports were constantly talking about the bad weather we should expect for tomorrow.  By evening most of the schools are already closed for tomorrow and most activities are canceled.  So thats if for today.


I actually woke up before the 7:30 alarm I had set this morning.  I made some coffee and ate some cereal.  I took the coffee with me.  My appointment to have the truck looked at was at 9:15 down in Decatur.  I had checked the weather when I first got up and the freezing stuff was north and west of us.  I though I would have time to get down there and back before any bad weather, it was still 59.  I had checked the radiator last night and it was still full.  So off I went and had no problem and little traffic, must be a lot of people staying home.

When I got to the Honda dealer it looked a little deserted, no cars in front of me and they pulled me right in.  I think a lot of their appointments had canceled.  They got right on the car and about 45 minutes later tole me they had found the leak.  Seems the ATF warmer hose is leaking.  It must be damaged and they ordered a new hose and clamp that will be in on Monday.  So they washed it and I headed home.

As I crossed the Tennessee River it started to snow, it was already down to 39 degrees.  Nothing was sticking and it stopped in a few minutes.  Then a few flakes on the way up to Athens.  It snowed a little harder as I turned on to 72 and headed over to Harvest.  More flakes as I pulled into the neighborhood.  Of course it stopped and started throughout the day.  This looks like the total of our accumulated snow from the “STORM”

I had a nice surprise when I checked my email.  Blue Cross had reviewed a claim that Quest resubmitted and approved paying it.  The Bill was for over $300 if I had paid it but Blue Cross only had to pay $27.  Doesn’t seem right.  So I decided to call Quest again about Bonnie’s bill for the same day and most of the same services.  I had gotten a check from Blue Cross for it say they would only pay $24 of the $126 bill.  The reason the bill from Quest looked like we had the blood work done in Georgia and they are not a preferred provider in Georgia.  I tried to reason with him but to no avail.  But the good news is that they will accept what Blue Cross paid.  So I sent off a copy of the EOB and the check for the $24.  So that should be a done deal also.

It was late in the afternoon so I relaxed a little and even got a quick nap during the local news.  I think the weather threats are past us now except for another week of cold weather.  Its already down to 23 and looks like single digits by Tuesday.

Back in WNY they had rain before the snow and with the melting snow lots of flooding.  GD Kaylee at college had her car moved by the college so that it did not get flooded.  Seems the water is going down, now to see how much snow they get.



Yes it is truly cold, but there was no more snow or freezing rain, so thats good.  I did get a FT call from GD Kaylee with an update of whats going on at college.  Seems the water has receded and things are getting back to normal.  We took it easy the rest of the day.  Bonnie did the wash and tried out her new laundry cart.  I decided to try out the jetted tub.  Its not easy for me to get into it or out but the warm water and jets were very soothing.  The tub took for every to drain so I got out my plastic drain snake and pulled out a bunch of hair and the water went down quickly.  I rinsed out the tub and called it done.

Robby had invited us over for sloppy joes and we headed over for that.  It was a new recipe he was trying and it was very good.  Then it was back home for the evening.


You guessed it, its still cold.  We got up and got ready for church.  We met Robby and Reagan in the parking lot and rode the bus over to church together.  Grace was part of the DNow event and was already at church.

After church we headed home and relaxed a little.  Bonnie made lunch and we watched the morning service from Crossroads on youtube.  After that Robby and the girls came over and we were able to get the corner desk that came with the house taken apart and moved out to the curb for large trash pick up.

Hopefully someone will come by and take it.  It is pretty warn but otherwise its in good shape.

We did watch a little bit of the football playoffs and were able to see the ends of both games.  I was pulling for the Steelers but it was not to be.  After that they headed home.

Weather man says more snow coming on Tuesday, time will tell how much we get this time.

Thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!



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  1. I have to comment on the ‘cold’ and the ‘snow’. It’s laughable after living in WNY most of our lives. We’ve experienced so many snow belt squalls. One of our first years in Bennington. We had to hire a back hoe to dig out our garage. The snow was over the roof of our Bronco plow truck.
    Here in Western WI it’s been frigid. Yesterday AM – 17 again! I was glad to get a few inches of snow today. Just came back from some night cross country skiing with the younger ladies. Dennis says when he retires, ~ 5/2019, he never wants to go where there’s snow again. Therefore, I’m trying to do more outside winter stuff. It was beautiful and magical on the wooded trails.

    Maybe we’ll see you in a couple years as we travel around.
    Sending blessings and hugs to you and Bonnie.

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