Oh No More Snow


So they have been talking snow here again for tomorrow.  They started yesterday.  By 5pm today the school cancellations started and the businesses and activities quickly followed.  This time we may get an inch of accumulation and no ice since the roads are already cold this time.  So Bonnie got up this morning and headed to Walmart to do her shopping.  We are set with milk and bread now.

I called about the hose for my truck but of course it has not come in yet.  That was really about it for today, now we are just watching the weather.


I checked out the window when I got up during the night no snow.  Again at 7:30 no snow.  Then when I got up a little after 8 it was snowing and it was sticking to the grass.  I guess the call to close the schools and most businesses was a good one.  I did get a notification that the post office would be delivering a package today.  So I had a letter to mail and got dressed and took it out to the mailbox.  So I snapped a couple pictures while I was out there.  The snow had pretty much stopped.

Where the snow did stick on the roads it turned to ice and made for slippery roads.  We played it smart and just stayed in.  We had planned to go to the movies today but the way folks drive around here it was much safer to stay home.  The temperature continued to drop all day long so we fired up the gas fireplace.

Bonnie wanted steak and I fired up the o grill and braved the cold to grill the steaks.

I brushed off the snow and fired it up.  I am impressed with how good this grill works and we enjoyed the strip steaks, with a salad and I had part of a baked potato.

Well its down to 14 now and is to go down into the single digits.  At least it is to be sunny tomorrow and warm up some over the next couple of days.  People are already talking about their high bills and I am sure ours will be also.  There have been online and on the news announcements asking us all to try to cut back our power usage as most people heat here with heat pumps and then electric auxiliary heat .  So we are doing our part as best we can.  Looking forward to the spring.



Only 5º when I got up this morning and light snow.  Coldest morning of the year, actually in the last 4 years according to the news.  All the schools were closed again as well as a lot of businesses.  Social media reports were that the roads were in pretty good shape by mid morning, thanks to the sun, even though the temperature only got up to 23 today.  We decided to venture out to the movie that we wanted to see yesterday.  “The Post” was pretty good and we enjoyed it, even had a bag of popcorn.

As you can see the sky is clear and the sun is out bright.  After the $5 movie day we headed to CVS to check it vitamins were 2 for 1 today and they were so we picked up some of them.  Then back home, took out the garbage and then in for the night.

Just waiting for a FT call from this GD.  Who is helping me learn snapchat.  Looks like schools are delayed 2 hours tomorrow but at least they will be open.

Thats it for tonight, stay warm and dry.  Thanks For Checking In.