Promised Warmth


The morning started out at 7º much lower than forecast.  We did reach 35º today and tomorrow is to be warmer.  The only thing of note today was our trip up to Midred’s for the lunch buffet.  It was very good I especially enjoyed the Catfish and Fried Chicken.  The greens and Cole slaw were good also.  Topped it all off with the peach cobbler.

Back home I called the Honda Dealer and my hose is in so I will take the truck down in the morning to have the hose put on.  I also had them check and our CRV has an airbag recall outstanding and they say they have those parts in stock so next week I will try to get that done.  It was a nice sunny day and supposedly the garbage and mail are all being done again.  We did get some mail and an Amazon Package.  Later in the day FedEx brought a delivery of some shoes also.

No supper for us we are full from lunch.


I set the alarm for 7:30am but I was awake and up before it went off.  I had a quick bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and drank part of my cup of coffee.  Then I was off to Honda of Decatur to get the leaking hose fixed, sounds simple.  There was still snow outside the garage on the driveway, the sun was up and nice and bright.  No problem with traffic and I had a quick 26 mile drive to the dealer, same distance as our drive was in NY.  I got there and checked in quickly, they took the truck right in.  I figured I would be out of there in short order.  But that was not to be.  Three hours later I was just getting up to ask the service manager what the status was and they pulled the truck around front.  I guess the hose was under a bunch of other things that had to be remove to get at it.  So far so good.

It was after one when got back home.  The garbage truck had emptied the trash so I brought the tote in and checked the mail box.  It was empty.  I spent the afternoon in the den scanning paperwork and getting caught up on things in there.   Nice to have the warmer weather we almost hit 50 today and it looks like we are in a warming trend.  The electric and gas bills will be high this month.  Time to relax.


Finally we got warmer weather it reached 63 today and it was sunny all day, very nice.  My sister reminded me this morning that it was Saturday, some how I lost Friday.  I often say we need a clock that just says what day of the week it is.  So since it is the weekend I decided to take it easy.  I did get all caught up on recorded programs.  I wanted to watch Duke basketball but never found it.

I did venture out this afternoon.  The snow is all gone on the driveway and the deck.  I took a tour around the house and put one of the crawlspace vents back in its spot.  Also I put the down spout splash block back in place.  I also took pictures of the gas and electric meter readings.

Hard to even read the electric meter


Then I looked at last months reading and we certainly used more electric and gas but I don’t think its as bad as I imagined especially if this mild weather holds till the end of the month.  Bonnie unpacked some of the glassware from NY and then made some delicious Goulash one of my favorites.  Now we are settled down to watch a movie.


Another sunny day and the forecast was for a nice day.  We were up and headed for the early service at church, I keep getting the time wrong and we were about 30 minutes early instead of 10.  But thats ok.  The kids were there too but they went to the other service.

We headed home after church and relaxed.  I did go out on the back deck and cut my finger nails.  One of the neighbors across the road has a rooster and it was crowing the whole time I was out back.  I did check in on the football playoffs just in time to see New England win again.  Now for my sisters sake I am hoping the Eagles win this evening.  Hopefully whoever wins will be able to beat New England in the Super Bowl.

Robby and family were out hiking today in an area called Wade Mountain.  They stopped by on their way home and we had a nice visit.  Its been a bit since they were all here together.  Looks like we are in for some storms overnight and rain tomorrow.  But the temperatures are to be mild so I am looking forward to a good week.

I spent the day figuring out the cell phone bill.  When our NY family was here you might remember we upgraded our phones and were able to combine all the phones on one plan.  With all the charges and credits etc it took a while to sort it all out but I think we are all set now.  Now I am ready to relax a little.

Thats a Wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!