Today went by quickly and I really did not do much.  I did a minor repair on the file cabinet and that was about it.  I looked up a bunch of info and downloaded some tax documents.

Bonnie made a delicious pot of corn chowder for supper.

Thats it for the day.


I was up this morning and headed back to Honda of Decatur for the passenger side airbag recall on our 2011 CR-V.  They seemed a lot busier today than the last two times I was here.  But they took me right in for my 9:30 appointment.  A little over an hour later it was all done, they always wash the car, so I was headed home with a nice clean car.  At least on the outside.

I stopped by North Alabama Gas on the way home and set my automatic bill payment.  This was the last one that needed down so I am glad to have that done.

Then it was on to Lowes to get a couple things for a project Bonnie needs done.  I also picked up a mop so I could mob up the garage floor after tracking in a lot of dirt with the snow.  So these are my friends for the afternoon.

It did not take long to sweep it out and mop up the floor and now it looks like new again.  I did notice a couple spots under the tires where the paint has lifted.  So I will have to check youtube and see if there are repair kits for the epoxy floors.

Bonnie had me grill a couple hamburgers on the grill with supper to go with tater tots.  Then after supper I did some software updates to our iPhones, iPad and Mac.  So now its time to relax.

Tomorrow my sister retires, she is pretty excited so I hope she sleeps well tonight.


This morning went by quickly.  Then I worked at my desk in the den for awhile and did some scanning and organizing.  I did hear from the electrician that they are still waiting on parts to fix our fan.  We also got our Alabama Title for our CR-V.

Mostly today I was thinking about my sister and hoping to hear from her that her day was over.  Later I did get a picture from her at work today.  Seems they gave her a nice send off with food, balloons and a few tears.

I did hear that she was home and a while later that she had received the flowers we sent her.  This is what we ordered.

And this is what was delivered.

Quite a difference but FTD does not guarantee the colors and it is still nice.

We headed to church for supper and the study on the book of Revelation.  Once home we called and talked to the new retiree and then a quick FT with GD Kaylee.  She is having clinical this week and is craving sleep.  Tomorrow she has a big exam so it was a short call tonight.

Thats it from here.  I will say we are enjoying the sunny days and warmer temperatures.

Thanks for Checking In.