A little bit of Tech Work


I have been wanting to move all the modems and WiFi equipment in the den over to the other corner in the room.  So I did a little Googling and found the diagram I needed to make new patch cables.

Its been a while since I built cables so I tested my son to see what the latest tricks were.  I did buy the ez plugs he suggested and I went cheap on the crimper.  but thats ok as I won’t be making all that many cables.  I had to remake the first cable but after that I was good.  Robby stopped over after work and helped me with the long cable that ran from the fiber modem over to the other side of the room.  Everything seemed to reconnect and link so that was good.

But later when I went to watch some recorded programs they were not available.  So I rebooted everything and thankfully everything worked.  Just like the old days its nice when everything works at the end of the day.

Great news from our GD at Nursing school.  She passed two exams today and we got a call today from a very happy student, good job.  Well its been a good day, nice and sunny again.  Next big job we have is to find new doctors and dentists.

Thats it for today.


Bonnie was up first this morning and I followed shortly afterward.  She was headed to church for a woman craft meeting.  After that she did a little grocery shopping before heading home.  I finally got my filing done in the den and am starting to feel a bit more organized.

I also called the gas company and got our rate adjusted to what it was supposed to be.  They had us listed as a seasonal residence instead of a year round house.  So that should save a little.  We used the gas fireplace a lot last month and the bill was still under $40.  We are enjoying the milder weather we are having.

That was about it for today except for some TV and a movie.


We had a little rain over night just enough to get everything wet.  After a leisurely breakfast I got ready and headed for the high school to watch my GS Harrison play soccer.  Today was all inter squad games, his was his Varsity Team against the JV Team.  I also was going to get some instruction on running the scoreboard. I used to do them for basketball years ago but never for soccer.  The controller looks pretty simple.

So a few minutes of instruction and I ran the clock and scoreboard for the second half of the game.  My view out of the press box.

It rained off and on so it was nice to be inside.  The Varsity won 8-0.  After the game I headed home.  It was late afternoon so that was pretty much it for today.


Rain again this morning.  We got ready and headed for church.  Pastor Kevin had a great sermon from Acts and then we had Communion.  We looked for a Mexican restaurant that had good reviews on Yelp.  We did not find it so I called them when we got home and it turns out they are inside the Texaco Gas station.  Interesting.  So instead I had a ham salad sandwich for lunch.

We had a nice call with my daughter and SIL and then later with GD Alexus.  Then Bonnie made some home made vegetable soup for tomorrow.  She is watch Regan tomorrow who has the flu.  Seems she came down with it while they were visiting in Mississippi.

Tonight we are headed to church for the Quarterly Business Meeting and the is a reception afterwards for a staff member that is retiring.

So thats a wrap for this week.  Thanks For Checking In!