Come on Spring


Bonnie was up early this morning and headed over to the kids house to watch Reagan who was home sick.  Robby and Ashley both had 12 hour days today.  I didn’t get back to sleep so got up and got my day started.  I did the pots and pans from the soup making and then sat down for breakfast and blog reading.  Then I worked on the end of the month financials and got ready for the next round of bills.  Also the federal withholding tax is changing this month so I put all that information into our budget and tracking programs.  So barring any surprises I should be set.  Then it was into the den to catch up on my scanning and shredding.

I caught up on some TV after that and before I knew it Bonnie was home.  After the news she made corned beef hash and eggs for supper.  Then I got to watch Duke beat Notre Dame, they finally won a game I watched.  Later I chatted online with my sister and FaceTimed my daughter and SIL.  Then I watched Kansas beat Kansas State.  Now its off to bed.


Cold and sunny this morning.  Took it easy this morning.  Then Bonnie headed out to do some shopping at the thrift stores.  While she was gone I went out and brought in the recycle bin.  Then while I was out I noticed one of the foundation vents was on the ground again.

I went back in and got a screwdriver and put in the vent again.  I have been studying and working on a permanent solution that will be simple and work.  While I was out I also took a look at the electric meter and even with all the cold weather I think we are doing ok.  Tomorrow is trash day so out it went.

Bonnie was still out shopping at supper time so I heated up some of the delicious soup Bonnie made Sunday.  Several have asked for the recipe and here it is.

Then it was time for the State of the Union Address.  Made me Proud To Be An American.  But it is sad to see how divided the Congress is even on the obvious patriotic statements the President made.  Enough said.


Well here it is 9:30 pm and I am trying to get the blog ready to post.  Seems like it has been a busy day.  I was busy in the den this morning scanning and looking over the paperwork we need for the income tax return.  Before I knew it the morning was gone.

Then around 1:30 the electrician showed up with the part to fix our ceiling fan.  He got it all in and it did not work.  Then he switched the two white wires around and it works.  The new remote receiver is a little different so the light comes on but we no longer have an upper and a lower light, they both come on and dim at the same time.  That will work for us as we seldom use that light.  The fan works on all three speeds again.  While he was up there Bonnie talked him into cleaning the fan and the blades, so that was nice.

All done and it works.

That part was all covered by our Home Warranty minus our co-pay.  Then I mentioned that we might want to add two plugs in the laundry room.  He said let him take a look.  So we looked at the job and under the house.  He said he could do it right now since we were his last call of the day.  We discussed the price and I gave him the go ahead.  Cutting the outlet holes.

Then we fished the fires up from down in the crawl space.

It is nice when you have all the tools. that you need and years of experience.  Then he tied in the power.

And 90 mintes latter we had two new working outlets in the laundry room.  Bonnie used the new plug for the Dyson for a quick cleanup.

I wrote a check and he wrote a receipt and we were all done.

We had a few minutes to change clothes and then we picked up Grace and headed to church.  Reagan is still getting over being sick so she stayed home and slept.  Supper at church was Taco Salad and it was pretty good.  Then we had our class on Revelation.  Finally home.

Thats it for the start of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!