February 2018

Presidents Day

MONDAY Today is Presidents day so the kids are all off of school.  The food was pretty good at the Metro Diner last night,  I enjoyed my Bacon, Mushroom, Swiss […]

First Lawn Treatment

THURSDAY A wet day again.  Which was good since Wayne’s did the first pre-emergent weed treatment for our lawn yesterday, spring must be close.  We stayed home in the morning […]

Soccer Season

MONDAY Today is the opening game for Harrisons High School Soccer season.  I am scheduled to run the scoreboard.  We will not know until noon if the field is dry […]


THURSDAY It was cool this morning but nice and sunny with a promise of getting into the 50s today.  So once Bonnie got up we loaded up and headed out. […]

Pest Control

MONDAY I was up and just finished my breakfast and coffee when the doorbell rang.  It was Waynes our Pest Control company.  The check, clean, and spray around all the […]

Another Cold Snap

THURSDAY Well I have gotten behind on the blog, not sure where the day went.  I know we did not go anywhere and pretty much just puttered around the house. […]