Another Cold Snap


Well I have gotten behind on the blog, not sure where the day went.  I know we did not go anywhere and pretty much just puttered around the house.  Thats all I remember.  See why I try to write a little everyday.


Todays project was to put together the sewing cabinet that Bonnie bought back in November, she finally has decided where to put it now that we moved her desk into the den.  So here is the project.

I put it in the living room where there is plenty of space. We had gotten a text asking if we could go over and stay with Reagan.  She is still not better and has been sick since last weekend.  So Bonnie grabbed her coat and out the door she went.

There was actually a youtube on how to assemble this cabinet so I watched it and then spread out the parts and got started.

Lots of styrofoam packing so I had to vacuum a couple times.  Lots of cam locks and screws.  So I took my time and managed not to strip out any of the screws.  A few hours later I was making progress.

Still had a lot of screws to but in and hinges and doors to put on.  In all it took over 4 hours.  If I did another one it would go much faster and another set of hands would make it go pretty fast.  Once I got it down I wiped all the dust and remaining bits of styrofoam off it and set it in is place.

Bonnie got home around 5 and I offered to take her out for supper, but she had plans.  There was still some of the delicious vegetable soup left and she made toasted cheese sandwiches (one of my favorite things) to go with it.  After supper we had a quiet evening.


My daughter and SIL bought me a remote garage door controller for Christmas.  It not only lets me open and close the door from anywhere, I can monitor if it is open or closed.  I also connected it to my Smart Home Hub and it alerts me if its been open too long.  It works so well that I have bought another one.

This morning my son is stopping by and we will hook it up.  (I try to stay off ladders when I can).  I have it all programmed into the hub so it should go quickly.  I put the coffee on and texted him that I was up.  He had to drop Grace off at the Stables and then he would stop by.  He and Reagan were soon here, Just as I was putting the mounting bracket on the controller.  Reagan was feeling much better after missing school most of the week.  We got her set up to watch TV and headed to the garage.  I moved the truck outside and we got started.  Robby did the work and I was the Go-For.

Things went well and the controller was hooked up in just a few minutes.  Then we mounted the sensor on the door.  All mounted and ready to test.

Now for the test.  The white section flashes and the unit beeps for a few seconds before the door moves, as a safety alert.  It all worked and I received the alerts on my phone that the door was open and then closed.  Looks like we are all done.  Put the truck back inside, put the tools away and we went back inside the house.  Robby finished his coffee and they headed home.

I headed to the stables a little after one to pick up Grace.  I had been watching Duke again and opened up the Fox Sports app and finished watching the game as I got to the stables.  Fourth game I have watched and the third time Duke lost, this time to unranked St John’s, while Duke was ranked #4.  Oh well.

Grace came back to our house with me, after a quick stop to change clothes and get rid of the horsey smell.  Then her and Bonnie hung out and did some stuff together around the house, and then she watched Gold Rush with me.

Robby called on the way back from Harrison’s soccer game and said they were getting Whitts BBQ so I asked him to pick some up for us.  He came by to pick up Grace and dropped off the BBQ.  It was pretty good and we enjoyed it for supper.

So a pretty full day, now to relax for the evening.


We were up and soon headed to church this morning.  The service was great.  Great music, fellowship and a great sermon by Pastor Kevin.  It was a wet night and morning but late this afternoon the sun came out.

After we got home we watched the youtube video from Crossroads this morning to keep up with their series on Revelation also.  Then Bonnie read and I watched a couple episodes of Homeland.  I am trying to catch up because the new season starts February 11th.  That was about it.  We have the Super Bowl on but not really paying attention to anything but the commercials.

Robby and family stopped by to watch the end of the Super Bowl.


Thats a wrap, Thanks for checking in!