Pest Control


I was up and just finished my breakfast and coffee when the doorbell rang.  It was Waynes our Pest Control company.  The check, clean, and spray around all the doors, windows, openings and 10 feet out from the house.  We also had a fire ant hill out by the curb and he treated that also.  We also have the lawn feed and weed treatment starting up again this week all signs that spring is coming.

Reagan is feeling better but did stay home today, so today was my day to go over and spend with her.  She was quiet all day and pretty much watched videos on the computer.


I watched Homeland on my computer and we just hung out together.  Grace got home from school and after visiting for a few minutes I headed out.  I wanted to run the errands I had planned to do this morning.  First a stop at home to pick up the burned out LED bulb and let Bonnie know what I was up to.  First stop was Home Depot to pick up tool.  I picked up a Klein 11 in 1 tool.  Its a screw driver/multipurpose tool.  It has three different size nut drivers, two Philips drivers, two slotted bits, two square drive bits, and two Torx drivers.  So it is a handy tool to have.  Would have been real handy in the coach.

Then I moved on to Lowes and managed to get them to give me a new LED bulb.  Last stop was at CVS to pick up a few things that we needed.  When I got home Bonnie had a great meal ready for us.  Steak, Potatoes Au Gratin, and Green Beans.

Spent the evening catching up on Homeland and talking to family.


Today I am the birthday boy and thankful for the 68 years I have on this earth and looking forward to the 69th.  I am also thankful for the many friends and family that took the time to wish me a happy birthday today.  Many on Facebook but also phone calls and family coming over to share cake and ice cream.  Bonnie made me my favorite Raisin Cake, same recipe my mother always had for me when I came home to visit.  One of my Dads favorites also.

Bonnie left this morning to do the grocery shopping and I took care of some scanning and paperwork that was piling up on my desk.  Then I decided today was the day I would start my new hobby.  For years we have driven by hundreds of roadside historical markers and only stopped at a couple.  Well I was thinking the other day I needed to learn the area and also wanted to learn some of the history of the area.  So what better way than to visit the many markers that are here in the area.  So today I looked up a few at the Historical Marker Data Base  and decided to visit them.  Bonnie pulled in just as I was leaving so I helped carry in the groceries and then took off.  I visited several sites but will just tell you about one today.

When we were staying in the campground we drove by this one on the way back and forth every time.  We even commented on it a couple of times.  The road we used was Nick Davis Road.  This marking is in honor of Nicolas Davis the namesake of the road.  Not only is there a marker but he and his wife are also buried here.  Here is what the marker and grave site monument look like.  Behind this marker at one time was a large grove of trees that was devastated by a tornado.

A short distance up the hill is the monument to Davis and his wife.


So now I know the history behind the naming of the road and a little bit about the man.  Here is a link to the page in the data base.

After I left here I stopped at a gas station to use the rest room and also to watch the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy on youtube live.  It was like watching science fiction.  If you have not seen it go to youtube and search for SpaceX Falcon Heavy.  Here is a picture of the two outside boosters returning simultaneously to Cape Canaveral.

This is just 8 minutes after they launched, simply amazing.  This was a test shot so no paying payload.  So Elon Musk the head of SpaceX put one of his Tesla cars on board as the pay load, with a fake astronaut called Starman.

What an incredible day.  I still remember being home on leave from the Navy and seeing man’s first step on the moon.  I have witnessed amazing technology advancements in my lifetime and its not over yet.

Robby and family came over for cake and ice-cream and we replayed the rocket launch.  Now I am ready for bed.  More of my travels tomorrow.  I hear the rain starting.


Rained quite a bit last night and it is cloudy today and more rain is promised.  Bonnie started the wash as soon as she got up.  I am catching up on recorded shows and watching the snowy weather back East, grateful that we are not there.

The second place I visited Yesterday was Ford’s Chapel United Methodist Church founded in 1808.

Due to damage sustained during the 27 April 2011 tornado, the marker has been moved to a new site next to the church entrance.  So this church was damaged also in the same tornado.  The present day sanctuary which stood on the original foundation was damaged beyond repair.  Fortunately the congregation had already built a new larger sanctuary and was still able to use it.  Looks like the space was rebuilt to provide space for the churches children.

This is the new sanctuary

They had moved the sign so it took me a while but I found it.


The Western Conference, Oct. 1-7, 1808 in Williamson County, Tenn., sent James Gwinn to the “great bend” of the Tenn. River. Gwinn organized at the home of Richard and Betsy Ford, the first Methodist Society of the six in the Flint Circuit. This circuit, among others, was served for many years by circuit riders. First building was started in 1815. Building and 2½ acres of land deeded to church trustees in 1824 by the Fords. Present sanctuary, begun in 1870 on original foundation, has undergone several renovations and minor alterations.

We headed to church for our Wednesday meal, we picked up the girls and they ate with us before going to their classes.  We sat with one of our neighbors and their 4 children and had a nice visit.  We headed up for our Revelation class and it was very interesting tonight.  A quick stop at the WNM for milk and bread and now finally home.

Time to get this posted, my sister is waiting.  Thanks For Checking In.