It was cool this morning but nice and sunny with a promise of getting into the 50s today.  So once Bonnie got up we loaded up and headed out.  Our destination for today was the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge down in Decatur.  We have driven by the signs for this several times and actually saw some birds off to the side.  We are not what you would call birders but we enjoy watching them and trying to identify them.

Wheeler is a major refuge for birds and other wildlife.

Also an important stop for migrating birds.  Today we stopped at the visitors center and asked “Where do we start”.   They said head done the path outside the back door and several hundred yards down through the woods which we did.

There we found a very nice two story observation building with one-way glass which overlooked a pond and fields where a lot of the birds were.  Almost all of these are Sand Hill Cranes.


Here is a close up

Even a few ducks

Some of the cranes even flew for us.

We went back to the visitors center and watch two videos on Wheeler and one on the other refuges.  Then we got directions to another part of the refuge where we might see some Whooping Cranes.  I read that there are only 400 Whooping Cranes in existence and 29 where here this winter.  We drove to where they are often sighted but no luck today.

We took a different route home today and actually spotted two more historical markers by chance.  So we stopped and read them and took some pictures, more to follow.  Bonnie made chili when we got home and started to relax for the evening.  I got a call from my son that he was running late and could I pick up the girls from the stables.  So I ran over there, its just a couple miles and picked them up and dropped them off at home.  Now to relax.


Nice and sunny again.  I spent the morning working on paperwork, talking to the lawn care service and then worked on closing a bank account in NY.  I also ended up making a trip to the credit union mid afternoon.


I drove up to Tennessee the other day and after making a u-turn in Tennessee entered back in to Sweet Home Alabama

This marker is right at the border.

I am pretty sure something hit the marker as there was some fresh cement on the ground from the repairs.

Now the sign.

This is the location of the Huntsville Meridian, the point where all land surveys in North Alabama originated from.

My son and DIL where going out of town for the night and the girls are spending the night with us.  First a little computer and phone time.

Bonnie made baked potatoes for dinner and we had chili with them.  Then we played some UNO.  Boy is she competitive.

A little TV and they then headed up for bed.

Bonnie cut my hair today and moved in a couple pieces of furniture that were in storage in NY.  I finally got around to taking the fan controller that went out on Christmas Eve and got replaced last week.  Pretty easy to see the failed parts.

Lots of rain in the forecast, its close but not here yet.  Time for some rest.


Rained all night and we all slept in this morning.  I was up when the girls came down around 9 this morning.  Bonnie talked about making pancakes last night so Reagan went in and woke her up.  Be long they were all working on breakfast.

Cooking is all done and its time to enjoy.

And they were very good.  After breakfast Reagan and I played a couple games of UNO.  Then everyone enjoyed their electronic devices.  The morning passed quickly and we all had sandwiches for lunch.  Then Robby and Ashley were here to pick them up.

It was still raining when I went out to get the mail, and it turned out to be just junk mail.  Time to watch a little olympics.


Still raining a little this morning.  We were off to church and then home.  Caught up on the olympics and then we watched the Crossroads sermon on youtube.

We were invited to the kids house for dinner.  We headed over there at 5 and had a delicious roast done in the crockpot.  Then some brownies for dessert.  Then we visited and watched some of the olympics.  We were back home early as everyone at Robby’s house has to get up early in the morning.

Thats a wrap for this week.

Thanks for checking in.



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