Lots to learn

THURSDAY Remember today is Pearl Harbor Day 12/07/1941, when the Japanese bombed our ships in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The temperature continues to drop, todays low was 35, tomorrows 27.  Thats […]

Adding to the family

MONDAY I forgot to post a picture of the beautiful Poinsettia that was delivered from our friend and financial advisor Rick, Thanks Rick. Bonnie took off this morning in search […]

More Deliveries

Thursday I think UPS, FedEx, and the USPS all made deliveries to the house today.  Plus Bonnie went shopping for hours and brought home linens, silverware, trash cans and other […]

Settling In

MONDAY Now that the painting is done in the house we can finally start to put stuff away in the closets and storage areas.  All the garage stuff is still […]


THURSDAY Happy Thanksgiving.  We are so thankful for being able to spend the last 2 years on the road and traveling around this Grand country of ours.  We have seen […]


MONDAY Carlos and crew of 2 (all related to him) pulled up at 7:30 right on time this morning.  The painting was set to begin today.  They got right to […]

Cooling Off

THURSDAY I was up and having breakfast a little after 7 this morning.  We are missing the blackout shades we had in the coach.  Our bedroom windows face East and […]


MONDAY Sun was bright early this morning and then it was cloudy until noon before we got some sunshine again. Lots of texts, emails and calls today all the last […]

More Money

Thursday Seems like the closer we get to closing the more money we have to spend.  I was up and having coffee by the time my 8:15am alarm went off. […]

MONDAY This should be the last full week that we live as Full Time RVers.  Some time after we move into the house I will try to reminisce on our […]